Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's get started....

First I want to commend you for being an awesome parent.  You are here, you did an online search for healthier alternatives to the meals you may be feeding your children right now, so your intentions are to find some healthy ways to raise your children. Kudos!

Now let's take this motivation and start making some changes!!!!

1. Identify the problem, and its causes.
2. Establish a list of solutions.
3. Implement ONE solution weekly. If you fail one week, that's ok, start over the next.
4. Write a calendar of your solutions so that you can stay on track. Check them off as you go, you will feel accomplished!

Please do not make a New Year's resolution that includes 10 new things you will do, starting NOW.  It takes a lot of dedication, support, motivation and resources to implement a change in your life.  Take the time to turn one new change into a habit. If you want to introduce a new goal monthly, great! You are on your way to a better lifestyle.


1. Identify the problem.  I don't get enough exercise. Why? Because I work full time, my kids have after school activities that I attend nightly, and frankly I'm exhausted.
2. Establish a list of solutions.
  -Take a quick morning walk before the kids get up.
  -Involve the family in a group exercise on the weekends.
  -Take the stairs at work.
  -Park the car far away from entrances to work or businesses I visit to get in extra steps.
  -Bring a light set of dumbells to work and do quick, 3 minute mini exercises between meetings.
3. Implement ONE solution weekly.
4. Write a calendar of your solutions.
Week 1- I will start with the easiest one: Park my car furthest from the entrance.
Week 2- I will try taking the stairs at work, which means I may need to allow myself more travel time!
Week 3-I will try taking a walk one morning before the kids get up. This means I should have their lunches packed the night before!

The main idea here is to set yourself up for SUCCESS!  Don't write your list of resolutions on a post-it and stick it on the fridge. It will be a daily reminder of what you haven't started. Instead, make a plan, write it down, and follow it.

This just gave me the inspiration to create a list of common road blocks to health, and propose some real, life-changing solutions here on the blog. Please, leave comments of some of your road blocks and I'd love to help!

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